Cover Crop Crimson Clover HEIRLOOM Seeds (LG)

Cover Crop Crimson Clover HEIRLOOM Seeds (LG)

Trifolium incarnatum

Item #7280


90-100 days. While the names are similar, crimson clover is different than red clover. This annual clover has larger, elongated flower heads with deep red, long-lasting blossoms that invite beneficial insects such as ladybugs and bees. Like other clovers, crimson clover fixes nitrogen but it's faster growing for quick benefits to your garden. Crimson clover is sown as a spring or fall cover crop since it grows best in cool weather. Till, mow or cut back with a weed trimmer at end of bloom and before seeds form for maximum nitrogen. Grows in a variety of soils but does best if soil is well drained. Plants tolerate some shade so you can sow crimson clover in between rows or under tall plants such as corn. A beautiful addition to fill spots in flower beds and borders. Flowers can be harvested and dried to make a delicious tea with a light, refreshing flavor.

This packet sows approximately 175 square feet.

Seedling Image

Days to Emerge:
7-21 days

Seed Depth:

Seed Spacing:
Scatter seed

Row Spacing:
Not applicable

Not applicable

90-100 days

When to sow outside: In areas with cold winters sow 2 to 4 weeks before last spring frost for summer flowering or in fall for a green manure. In areas with milder winters (USDA zones 6 to 10) sow 4 to 6 weeks before first fall frost.

When to start inside: Not applicable.

Artist: Susan Rubin

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